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Happening 2nd – 4th – 6th August

HOW TO Let Go of the Hurt, Anger, Upset and Frustration towards your Parent’s or Care Givers WITHOUT having to Speak to them or Feel like they have Won!


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Your an incredible person that wants to release & let go of these feelings, you know it's holding you back in your life!


  • Constantly living in past or future, stressing, worrying & panicking. 
  • Fearing the past will happen again, so I stop myself from being, having, doing in my life. 
  • The feeling like I’m stuck in a tornado of negative self-talk.
  • I created so many bullshit stories which I then lived out every day. 
  • It stopped me from being the person I wanted to be. 
  • It stops you moving forward in life. 
  • I lost friends, family, colleagues, career and money. 
  • A foggy cloud above my head. 
  • I’m suffering constantly 24/7
  • I wasn’t living for myself but for everyone else around me. 
  • My past created an identity that really was not me. 
  • I trapped so many raw emotions within the body that caused me physical illnesses. 
  • I wasn’t a very nice person because I was trying to protect myself because of my past hurts. 
  • You feel there’s no light at the end of the tunnel.
  • Constantly living in my head. 

When our parents or care givers hurt us mentally or physically we hold on to it so tightly, it creates a part of our identity, it lives with us until we make a decision to look differently, see things from a different angle.


Surrender To Let Go

This FREE Masterclass will open your eyes to see things differently within yourself and also your parents/caregivers. Here’s what can happen for you!

Your whole outlook on life will change when we do the inner work of releasing and letting go of the hurt, anger, sadness and upset around our parents/caregivers. 





If your willing to put the work in and do the steps you'll have a freeing feeling you've longed dreamed off!

I'm not here to bullshit you, I keep it real and honest! Everything I say or do is coming from unconditional Love!

You're just one step away!
Enter your details below Gorgeous and I'll send you details on how to join the Room on Clubhouse (Even without an invite)!

Let’s be clear about this, what I teach and guide on will go against the grain, I will teach you things that is backwards to what you know but what I do know is life is so fucking incredible knowing what I know. I want you to have this so you can live a life full of bliss, peace, happiness and fulfilling all your desires and dreams.



What you see within me today is certainly not the person I use to be. 

I was this scared, timid, afraid girl and wouldn’t speak up for myself, I hid myself, hated confrontations, no confidence, no self-worth, or respect and certainly didn’t believe in myself, I didn’t believe I deserved good in my life and I was always seeking approval. I feared rejection and avoided being judged.  I didn’t love who I was, didn’t think I was good enough and put on this incredible fake persona to fit in. 

Here’s some life experiences I’ve gone through to paint a little picture

  • Lived in pure anger, hatred until I was 23
  • I was mentally and physically abused
  • Bought up around drugs
  • Felt responsible for my siblings
  • Depressed and suicidal at 15-16
  • Bullied at school and workplaces
  • I didn’t bond with my daughter (Postnatal Depression)
  • Relationship problems
  • Miscarried 10 babies
  • Been through heart break
  • Abandoned by close family
  • Been through body illnesses
  • Worlds biggest People pleaser
  • A Perfectionist
  • Suffered with anxiety & panic attacks
  • Went through a car crash that mentally affected me for years
  • Lived in guilt for 5 years
  • Sabotaged myself
  • Body conscious
  • Agoraphobia


I’m here to show you what your life can be


Life really is amazing....

I no longer live in the past nor worry about the future; I live in the now.  And I know who I am!  I’m pure unconditional Love and within this Love I know I’m confidence, self-worth, deserving of anything & everything in my life. 

I no longer seek approval to be myself, nor worry if someone judges me or rejects me.  I stand within my own beautiful incredible power to be me unapologetically and I’m ok if people don’t like me.

Nothing stands in my way anymore.  I DO NOT live for everyone else apart from my own.

I have released, let go and fully surrendered to my past hurts, wrongs, anger, bitterness and traumas which has set me free. 

Nothing can stop me.  I live in happiness, bliss and peace, I can tap into these energies at any time I choose.

I no longer allow fear to stop me in my tracks, I no longer allow self-doubt to stop me doing the things I’m destined to be.  I now walk with fear and allow my past limiting beliefs to empower me.

My life is so Freeing, I am Freedom To Be Me.


Here's how its going to look.


I'm not entirely sure how long I'll keep this for Free gorgeous, if you KNOW your ready to surrender and let go so you can fully experience life feeling FREE of the burdens, hurt and anger I know this class is for you!

Here's how its going to look.


  • 7pm GMT 
  • 2nd – 4th & 6th August
  • In Clubhouse
  • Automatic Invite (If your not in Clubhouse)
  • Up to 2 hours each class
You're just one step away!
Enter your details below Gorgeous and I'll send you details on how to join the Room on Clubhouse (Even without an invite)!


I have been meeting with Kerry for 6 weeks on a group guidance course and it has changed my life! I have learned so much and travelled a long way ..... I have let go of my past anger at people and situations. I no longer listen to that voice in my head telling me I’m not good enough or what other people think of me ...and the space this has left in my mind has been replaced by peace and self assurance that I can do whatever I aspire to - I no longer have those moody / down depressed times because life is good when you live in the present and just let the universe guide you. I have tried other therapists and coaches but Kerry has helped me in ways no others ever could. It’s hard work working on yourself in this intense way but oh so worth it Thankyou Kerry 🥰
Reaching one’s potential in life requires them to climb freely without any excess cargo. For most of us, that cargo are relationships, time commitments, financial decisions, and lifestyle choices that we make that are out of alignment with what we really want. We ended up in these situations because we have accepted a lifetime full of labels we place on ourselves and stores we tell ourselves about who we are. Kerry has a unique and effective ability to help people identify those labels and stories. I worked with her for five weeks, and through the process I was able to work backward to clear every limiting story I was telling myself that held me back from reaching my potential. Kerry met with me continuously and consistently over that time and coached me over every emotional obstacle we encounter. She helped me face dozens of fear and supported me through countless tears. Since her work with me, I’ve been able to grow without bounds, clearing obstacles in my life and building a new business confidently. I’ll always be grateful for Kerry and will always consider her family.
Bobby K
Kerry has a uniquely charming no nonsense way of helping create a space where you can just be you. No judgement, no self limits, just connect to your real self. She really can help you to get out of your own BS and the all the other BS the world has fed you
I met Kerry 4 year ago, as her client. At that point of my life I was going through changes career, a broken down relationship. Without even noticing Kerry had a natural way of coaching and making me see things in a different but positive light. Seeing Kerry on a regularly for my appointments, helped my change my life and outlook of living the best life and to be just me. Thanks. Kerry
Kerry is truly something else! You'd be hard pressed to find someone as deeply insightful about life as her. During a conversation with her a little while ago she spoke so profoundly about life that much of what she said still rings in my ears today. Talk about being impactful! When I think of Kerry I think of Divine Humor. She has humor, joy, lightheartedness, kindness and incredible depth all rolled into one! If you're looking for a helping hand in life, or maybe a helping hand with your coaching, she will brighten up your day and leave you laughing with relief!
I had some coaching sessions with Kerry this year and they were incredibly powerful, impactful and transformative. Her no bullshit approach really resonated with me. I would not hesitate to recommend Kerry to anyone looking to hire a coach to change their lives.


Here's how its going to look.

You're just one step away!
Enter your details below Gorgeous and I'll send you details on how to join the Room on Clubhouse (Even without an invite)!

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

I'm really busy right now I'm not sure if I can attend the live trainings.

For maximum affect I highly advise you be there on the live calls, it's your chance to ask questions and get support. However the calls are recorded and place in the Facebook Group.

Are there Guarantees

The straightforward answer is no. I can give you everything I know however you are the one that needs to take action without your action nothing will change. I will be there to support throughout the journey together. If you cannot commit 100%, please DO NOT sign up for this container.

How do I know this is right for me.

Honestly gorgeous, you'll know, you'll feel it in your core you wouldn't be asking this question. You may have tingles inside, a nervous but excited feeling. To grow you will always feel fear, just know the difference between fear of missing out because you "should" do this or fear because you know it's going to push you to be the best version you are.

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